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Pad Printing Ink

     Pad Printing -A universal process for a wide range of applications.

     Today, pad printing is used successfully both in the field of high-quality decoration, os well as marking and coding. Owing to the versatile use and development of this technology, pad printing has gained great importance and grown into a universally recognized decoration process.

   Marabu - Specialists for Printing Inks
      "Competence in Colour" represents not only the result of many years of intensive work but also a permanent challenge to offer superior market-suitable products through innovation and continuous development.

   Marabu - is certified through the Quality Management System ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
      Quality and environmental protection are not only expected but part of our daily life, as well. Our certifications are understood as continuous processes leading to further improvements within the company thereby optimising our products and services.
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Textile Printing Ink


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