Water based Wood Lacquer

Regarding health risks and environmental considerations involved in the use of solvent-based lacquers, much work has gone into the development of water-based lacquers. Such lacquers are considerably less toxic and more environmentally friendly, and in many cases, produce acceptable results.


While the fumes of water based lacquer are considerably less hazardous, and it does not have the combustibility issues of solvent based lacquers,the product still dries fairly quickly and even though the odor is weaker, the dust of dried and airborne lacquer can still get into the lungs;thus, proper protective wear still needs to be worn. More and more water-based colored lacquers are replacing solvent-based clear and colored lacquers in under hood and interior applications in the automobile and other similar industrial applications.



Water based lacquers are used extensively in wood furniture finishing as well. It is extremely durable and resistant to damage. It's applied via a sprayer, because it is more viscous.



We are proudly presents UNAXOL, a breakthrough in coating technology, which exceeds conventional solvent-based paints in terms of performance as well as being environmentally friendly.



 Healthier Alternative


 Environmentally Friendly

 Superior Strength

 Lower Odour than solvent-based

 Crystal Clear

 Water Clean up





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