Liquid coatings were originally designed to protect printed substrates from chemical or mechanical damage. But they can be put to many other uses. We have the solution for you with Marabu UV-curable technology MaraShield UV. The concept is mainly based on three pillars:


UV inkjet inks often fail to adhere properly to challenging substrates, such as glass or polypropylene. We use an evenly-applied primer as a bonding layer. And this means UV flatbed printers can be used for a far greater range of applications than ever before.


The competitive advantage of an eye catching, professional look cannot be underestimated. Whether glossy or matte, your print projects will attract the right kind of attention.

High resistance to abrasion, chemicals, harmful UV rays, or even graffiti is often promised, but seldom delivered. Mara Shield liquid coatings have been put through their paces, and have passed numerous standardised and certified tests with flying colours.


Liquid coating is perfect suitable for colouring large glass surfaces especially for interior decorating purposes. Kitchen and furniture manufacturers can choose from a wide variety of shades, and are able to offer their customers specific colours from the Pantone, RAL, HKS, etc. systems.





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