Adhesive nowadays is known as an alternative to pressure sensitive tapes. Thanks to further developments in quality, screen printable pressure-sensitive adhesives have made their mark in many industrial applications. Screen printable pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are liquid adhesives that can be selectively applied and provide surface tack once dry. Although PSAs are used for many of the same applications as laminating adhesives (also known as transfer tapes), they don’t have to be die-cut and hand positioned. You print them only where you want them.

Advantages of processing with screen printable adhesive:

 Exactly determinable adhesive contour, even for finest lines, stand-alone dots and complicated geometrical patterns

 No overspray, no die cut waste or loss of adhesive through extensive area coating

 Definable and reproducible coating thicknesses by selecting different mesh types  (from 5 – 160µm dry coating thickness per cycle)

 Economical series production through high coating speed and multiple repeat processing

In the foreseeable future, when new raw materials can be combined with the relevant drying and cross-linking technologies in screen printing, we can look forward to even more areas of application for screenable pressure-sensitive adhesives.

We provide the variety of KIWO Adhesive, which include screen-printable adhesives, flock adhesives (for textile and technical use), industrial adhesives, as well as UV glass adhesives.





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